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Worm Food

Worm Food

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What do worms eat? You probably already know worms eat organic waste matter like eggshells, decomposing vegetables, and pizza boxes. But...there is an essential food that will take your worms to the next level. It keeps your worms extremely healthy and in tip-top shape 💪. Most gardeners and farmers keep it a secret, but we're not selfish here at ShopWorms. So we formulated the most impressive organic worm food on the market just for you.

What it's made of?

Our proprietary Organic Worm Food is crafted from volcanic rock, a mineral-rich grit blend that passes through the worms, resulting in nutrient-rich worm castings that plants absolutely thrive on. Since worms lack teeth, this minerally-rich grit is essential for digesting fruit, vegetables, and paper scraps. With an impressive array of 77+ trace elements and minerals, this is the perfect feeding additive to ensure your worms thrive.

How to use it?

Application is a breeze 🍃

  • Simply sprinkle 2 tablespoons of grit over the food layer in your worm bin during once-a-week feeding.
  • The vermicompost produced is exceptionally rich when this grit is used as a digestive supplement, resulting in flourishing garden edibles.
  • Plus, it helps maintain the ideal alkaline pH for your worms' environment. Worm care and garden success, all in one!

Super-Active Effects

Once the worms have digested and excreted, these minerals become valuable components of nutrient-rich vermicompost. Gardeners and farmers alike rely on these chemical-free end-products to enhance soil health for a wide range of applications, from houseplants and flowers to fruit trees, lawns, and bountiful edible gardens. This will answer your question of what do worms eat and more.

  • With our Organic Worm Food, the ultimate goal is to ensure healthy plants and bountiful produce. Vermiculture, an age-old practice, is experiencing a resurgence as more people embrace it as an eco-friendly waste management solution to contribute to climate control.
  • By nurturing worms and optimizing their reproduction for composting, the focus is on harnessing the nutrient-rich worm castings, which are then lovingly applied to houseplants, lawns, fruit trees, and gardens that yield delicious, homegrown produce.
  • This very material is what nourishes our worms on the farm, and it's more than just sustenance; it's a nutritious, organic, and delectable feast that will leave your worms positively craving for more!
  • Not only does it keep your worms parasite-free and in prime health, but it also maintains their organic essence like never before.
It's not just worm food; it's a masterpiece, and we highly recommend it!

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