Getting Started: Worm Receival Guide

A Guide to Successful Worm Delivery and Care

When it comes to receiving and caring for your Red Wiggler Composting Worms, it's essential to understand the intricate process that goes into preparing them for their journey to your home. From our worm farm to you. Raising and separating to relaxing and packing, each step is taken with great care to ensure your worms' well-being.

I take pride in my worms and sharing them with others and using them to truly make the world a better place. With your help, I can grow my worm population and their living area; upgrade my packaging; and ship my worms faster, safer and at a cheaper price. Together we can replenish the earths living soil and help nourish the future.

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Preparing for Transit

  • Red Worms are carefully relaxed and dried before shipment to increase their chances of survival.
  • Packing is done using organic peat moss bedding, which helps maintain dryness and insulation.
  • Surprisingly, drier red worms have a higher likelihood of surviving temperature fluctuations during transit.
  • Despite potential weight loss during the 2-4 day journey (up to 70% of body weight), composting worms are remarkably resilient.

Adapting to New Conditions

  • Upon arrival, red worms may appear sluggish, small, or less active due to days without food or water.
  • With proper care, worms regain size and strength within 2 days of being introduced to their new environment.
  • Worms from various life stages are included in each order, providing a diverse and dynamic population.
  • After receiving them, worms quickly multiply and double in size when used for composting.

Immediate Care Steps

  1. Moisture Intake: Provide moisture by pouring approximately ½ cup of water per pound of worms.
  2. Introduction: Gently separate worms with fingers to prevent smothering and introduce them to their new environment.
  3. Recovery Period: Allow 24 hours for worms to adjust before resuming regular feeding.
  4. Creating Comfort: Keep the bin uncovered with a light source, aiding relaxation and adaptation.

Setting Up the Environment

  • Avoid covering compost worms completely when placing them in a bin or garden; let them dig down.
  • Encourage burrowing by shining a light, as worms move away from light sources.
  • Proper airflow and moisture are crucial; bedding should resemble a wrung-out sponge with pH between 6-7.
  • Temperatures between 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for maintaining worm health.

Sustainable Practices and Collaboration

  • The shipping peat moss and packaging materials can be directly used as bedding in your bin.
  • The process of caring for worms contributes to a healthier environment and improved soil quality.
  • By supporting worm populations, packaging upgrades, and efficient shipping, we work together for a better future.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • In the event of any issues with worm arrival or health, contact within 48 hours with photos for a replacement.
  • Our commitment to live delivery ensures that any shipping problems will be quickly resolved.
  • Your satisfaction is paramount; we consider the transaction ongoing until you are completely content.


1. What are red wiggler worms used for? Red wiggler worms are excellent for composting and vermicomposting, turning organic waste into nutrient-rich soil, and many other use cases.

2. How do I introduce the worms to their new environment? Gently separate worms and add moisture upon arrival. Let them acclimate for 24 hours before resuming regular care.

3. Can I use the shipping materials for bedding? Yes, the shipping peat moss and materials can be used as bedding directly in your bin or garden.

4. What if my worms seem sluggish upon arrival? Worms may appear less active due to transit. With proper care, they'll regain their energy within a couple of days.

5. What's the ideal temperature range for worm health? Maintain temperatures between 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal worm activity and well-being.

6. How do I request a replacement if needed? If you encounter any issues within 48 hours of delivery, contact us with photos, and we'll ensure a replacement is sent promptly.

Connect with Us

For all inquiries, assistance, or simply to share your worm journey, connect with me at Visit our website here to explore more about Shop Worms and how you can be a part of the sustainability revolution. Together, we can make a real difference in the world, one wriggler at a time.