Our Story, Our Mission

Welcome to ShopWorms – where the humble earthworm takes center stage in our mission to transform the way we care for our planet. Our journey began in the heart of Illinois, where our small farm initially set out to serve our local community. Today, thanks to the incredible reach of the internet, we're proud to bring the remarkable powers of our earthworms to every corner of the United States.

When you choose to shop with us, you're not just a customer; you're a cherished member of our extended family. We're deeply grateful for your trust and support, and we're dedicated to ensuring that you receive nothing but the best. With each order, we promise to deliver 100% organic worms, top-quality materials, and a level of service that goes beyond the ordinary.

At ShopWorms, we believe in a shared vision that extends far beyond mere transactions. We envision a world where together, we rejuvenate the Earth's living soil, infusing it with renewed life and vitality. We are committed to embracing sustainable practices that reach beyond the present, setting a fertile foundation for a thriving future. Hand in hand, let's cultivate a legacy of nourishment and growth, breathing life into every nook and cranny of our precious planet.

With heartfelt gratitude and a commitment to making a difference, we welcome you to ShopWorms. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a healthier, more sustainable Earth.

To greener gardens and an even greener future 🌱.

Contact me for any questions or comments: Joe@shopworms.com




Nestled within the heart of our dedicated worm farm, we find immense satisfaction in nurturing these remarkable creatures and extending their transformative impact to the world at large.



Our commitment goes beyond mere business – it's about fostering a greener, healthier planet for generations to come.



With your valued collaboration, we can embark on an exciting journey of growth and expansion. By joining forces, we aim to not only bolster our worm population but also provide them with an even more enriched living environment.



Your support will enable us to embrace cutting-edge advancements in packaging, ensuring that our precious cargo reaches you faster, more securely, and with a cost-saving advantage.