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Pure Red Wiggler Composting Worms - Eisenia Fetida

Pure Red Wiggler Composting Worms - Eisenia Fetida

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  • Organically Farmed
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Ditch the chemicals and get with Nature's Hidden Gems - Pure Red Wiggler Composting Worms - Eisenia Fetida (Reds Only).

Red Wiggler worms are celebrated for their ability to effectively break down organic waste, resulting in the creation of a nutrient-rich vermicompost called worm castings, also known as Black Gold 🏆 in the world of gardening and farming. They easily adapt to different environments, can survive very cold and hot weather, and reproduce rapidly - making them super efficient waste processing machines!

The castings produced are the most potent natural plant food & fertilizer Earth has to offer. Use them on anything you are growing in soil:

  • Your Garden
  • Plants of All Types
  • Fruits & Veggies
  • Seedlings, Trees
  • Indoor Plants and more

It improves both soil fertility and structure, fostering the flourishing growth of plants. They are widely favored for composting of all types, thanks to their effectiveness, convenient size, no order, and low maintenance level (easy to care for).

You can put the worms in your garden directly too as long as you provide them with organic matter to eat, in your compost pile, lawn, and practically anywhere you have soil, food, and moisture they can thrive!

Their waste management abilities are on another level! Provide them with organic matter and they will convert it into worm castings. Instead of throwing your garbage away give it to your worms and save money, save time, and save the earth! Their diets are very diverse

  • Kitchen scraps: vegetables, fruits, rotten vegetables, potato skins, egg shells, bread, tea bags, coffee grounds, and much more
  • Cardboard products: pizza boxes, bread, egg cartons, cardboard products,
  • Paper products: paper towels, paper packaging, cardboard, toilet rolls
  • Yard/Lawn waste: leaves, lawn trimmings, compost, etc.

Benefits & Super Effects

  • Vibrant Plant Growth: Earthworm castings increase soil fertility, deliver essential nutrients, enhance soil structure, and enhance aeration. This translates into improved root penetration and optimal water absorption.
  • Location Flexible: Their ability to adapt to a wide range of temperatures makes them very versatile. They can tolerate cold and hot weather, from 32° to 90°F.
  • Food Waste Management: Easy solution for managing food waste. Instead of throwing waste in the garbage feed it to your red wigglers! Their diets are very flexible too making them great for any setting.
  • Chemical-Free & Environmentally Friendly: Say goodbye to chemical-ridden, soil-damaging, synthetic fertilizers. Using composting worms is a 100% organic sustainable way to help contribute to a greener future.
  • Fishing Bait: Perfect lively bait that will help you catch the biggest of fish due to their lively movement and red color.
  • Versatile Protein Source: Red worms can serve as a protein-packed snack for farm animals and pets like chickens, birds, fish, frogs, lizards, turtles, and more.
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Frequently Asked Worm Questions

Are they easy to care for, easy to manage?

Red Wigglers are very low maintenance and super effective which is why gardeners and farmers love them! Set them up, feed them, collect your Black Gold, put your black gold on your plants, garden, fruits, veggies, indoor plants, trees, and watch them flourish!

  1. Moisture Intake: Provide moisture by pouring approximately ½ cup of water per pound of worms.
  2. Introduction: Gently separate worms with fingers to prevent smothering and introduce them to their new environment: prepared worm bin, worm hut, worm bed, prepared garden, etc
  3. Recovery Period: Allow 24 hours for worms to adjust before feeding.
  4. Creating Comfort: Keep the bin uncovered with a light source, aiding relaxation and adaptation.

Here is our more in depth guide on Getting Started.

How do I use my red wigglers to produce worm castings?

First understand that red wigglers are composting worms, meaning they feed on organic matter and create compost naturally.

  1. Put them in their environment and feed them kitchen scraps, grains, paper products, and much more. The worms eat this food and over time produce worm castings!
  2. Collect the worm castings and put them in your garden, plants, soil, and more. Watch as your plants thrive and grow healthy from this super effective organic fertilizer.

    Viable composting environments:
  • Worm bin
  • Worm composter
  • Worm bucket
  • Worm tower
  • Compost pile
  • Garden - provide organic waste on top or make vermicomposting trenches for your worms.
  • Garden bed
  • Lawn - if there are many leaves and organic waste for them to eat.

Will my red wigglers survive shipping time?

Worms may be small and soft, but don't let that fool you - these little wigglers can survive up to a week during transit! Our normal transit time is 2-3 days for all locations inside the USA, so you can bet on them arriving ready to work hard 💪.

Can red wigglers survive in extreme cold/hot weather?

Absolutely. Throughout the entire year the worms can survive and thrive provided that the soil's temperature falls within the 32 to 90-degree range. If it gets even colder than that don't worry the worm eggs survive and will hatch once the weather heats up again! They are super adapters. Also, If you possess an outdoor compost bin, the insulation can be taken care of using materials like mulch, hay, Styrofoam, or any substance capable of preserving warmth.

And of course you also have the great option of moving your worm bin/farm inside your house, garage, or underground. And guess what? They are odorless! Perfect for any indoor setting.

What do I feed my red wigglers?

Good Food

  • Fruit and Vegetable Scraps: apple cores, carrot peelings, wilted lettuce, etc.
  • Paper Products: Browns such as newspaper, brown paper bags, pizza boxes, and egg cartons.
  • Coffee Grounds and Filters
  • Tea Bags: Remember to eliminate any staples they might contain.
  • Crushed Eggshells: Maintain an optimal pH level in your worm habitat by supplementing with crushed eggshells.
  • Grains: Cooked pasta, rice, bread, and cereal.
  • Dry Leaves and Grass Clippings.

Bad Food

  • Citrus and Onions: Steer clear of acidic food like citrus fruits and onions.
  • Meat and Dairy Products
  • Oily Foods: Foods with dressings, oils, or sauces.
  • Salty & Spicy Foods: Can be very dangerous.
  • Diseased Plants

See our more in depth guide here: The Right Diet for Your Worms

Do red wigglers smell bad and can I have them indoors?

Not at all! They are odorless and that's why so many people love them and use them indoors as much as outdoors.

What makes your red wigglers better than the rest?

Our Red Wigglers are Pure 100% Reds farmed and harvested directly at our worm farm right here in Illinois, USA. We don't mix our red wigglers with any other species.

  • Live Delivery Guaranteed

    We guarantee you will receive your worms live and well. In the rare case they do not, our guarantee will let you get a 30 day free replacement batch or refund.

  • 100% Pure Organically Raised Reds

    We stand by the fact that our Red Wigglers are 100% pure reds, natural, and organically raised. Unlike a lot of other worm farms out there, we take our job seriously; for you and the earth.

  • Fast & Secure Shipping

    Our shipping is fast and reliable, and for good reason. Your order will arrive within 2-3 days after it has been processed so you can take part on your composting and gardening journey as quickly as possible!

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