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Worm Castings - Natural Super Fertilizer

Worm Castings - Natural Super Fertilizer

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  • 100% Organic & Sustainable
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How To Use

  • Apply a dose every 2 weeks to your desired garden, plants, seedlings, etc.
  • One pound feeds 10 average-sized plants.

Pure red wiggler earthworm castings stand out as an excellent and entirely organic method to enhance soil fertility, plant health, and plant growth. It is the ultimate natural fertilizer. This organic super fertilizer nourishes:

  • Your Garden & Plants
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Lawn, Flowers, House Plants
  • Trees, Seedlings, and Soil

    All while minimizing waste!

Were you aware that these castings contain 50% more humus and organic matter compared to what's found in topsoil? Our 100% undiluted, pure earthworm castings are ideal for any garden.

  • A feast for Plants: Through vermiculture, red wigglers turn organic matter into nature's finest vermicompost, creating the ultimate plant food. Earthworm castings, affectionately known as worm poop.
  • Super Effects: Provides robust plant health, enhances soil structure, improves soil fertility, and even repels pests and diseases. 
  • Nature’s Gold: Made directly from our composting worms at our worm farm, these worm castings are the best organic fertilizers and plant food. It is so nutrient-rich and effective that it's known as nature’s black gold!
  • The Best Health: Boost soil structure, fertility, and disease resistance with earthworm castings – the ultimate plant health secret. This vermicompost is the best fertilizer you can use made directly from our red worms.

Through our earthworm castings, you embrace an eco-friendly route to gardening and farming. Your choice resonates beyond the garden: by going with our earthworm castings, you are making an impact on the world and diminishing your environmental footprint!

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