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Oyster Shell Powder - Worm Bin and Soil Condtioner

Oyster Shell Powder - Worm Bin and Soil Condtioner

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Pamper Your Plants: All-natural; no additives or chemicals perfect for indoor / outdoor container gardening. Oyster Shell Powder stands as a transformative addition for vermicomposting. Enriched with high levels of calcium.

  • It enhances the well-being and vigor of worms, ensuring they remain in peak condition.
  • Additionally, the coarse texture of this flour facilitates improved digestion, complementing the presence of gizzards in worms.
  • The ultimate outcome? Exceptional vermicompost quality, distinguished by nutrient-packed worm castings that will fuel the flourishing of your plants. Take your composting endeavors to new heights by incorporating Oyster Shell Flour, and observe the remarkable impact it imparts to your garden.

Why Should I Use Oyster Shell Powder?

  • Optimal pH Balance: Establishing an ideal, slightly alkaline setting, it ensures worms thrive comfortably within their preferred environment.
  • Abundant in Calcium: Bolstering the overall health and vitality of worms.
  • Enhanced Digestion: Worms possess gizzards, and the gritty consistency of oyster shell flour facilitates efficient breakdown of food.
  • Incorporating oyster shell flour elevates the standard of your vermicompost, yielding nutrient-rich worm castings that nourish your plants.

How To Use

Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of Oyster Shell Flour onto the surface of your worm bins every month for every 2 pounds of worms. Oyster Shell Flour yields optimal results when used independently, and we advise against combining it with other additives.

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